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By Robert Ulrich

As a platform dedicated to streamlining business operations and enhancing customer service, Salesforce presents its users with just the right tools to do so. From efficient sales to improved ROI and seamless business operations, Salesforce aims to assist businesses in every manner possible. This also includes being aware of their prospective users and coming up with a tailored solution for them.

One of these solutions includes the Salesforce Pardot platform, which exclusively caters to the needs of the Salesforce B2B clients. Pardot is a specialized B2B marketing platform that aims to ease up the marketing process for businesses and equip them with a marketing strategy that suits their needs. With features ranging from improved lead handling to email marketing, Pardot comes equipped with the right tools to boost your sales and increase the overall efficiency.

For any prospective business looking to implement a CRM solution that assists marketing performance, be it a marketing automation software integration or platforms like Pardot, it is necessary to have a comprehensive overview of all its features. So let’s have a look at the features that make Salesforce Pardot the go-to B2B marketing solution for many businesses!

Align Sales And Marketing

One successful way to boost sales is to keep the sales teams of businesses in close contact with the marketing teams. A better intercommunication between teams would result in both the departments being on the same page. For this purpose, Pardot offers sales teams to directly engage in mini-campaigns with its customers, having approved these campaigns by the marketing wing. The interactions between the sales team and the customers can be monitored via Gmail.

Another way Pardot helps boost sales is by allowing users to track customer activity and anticipate purchases. This tracking information can be accessed from the CRM platform. Additionally, Salesforce CRM can be used to monitor the effectiveness of the marketing strategy by keeping a close eye on the sales data. The two teams can connect on a multitude of platforms, including mobile devices.

Generate Better Leads

It is essential for businesses to be on a constant lookout for new leads. Pardot eases this considerably challenging process by features like the Landing Page Builder which allows users to design webpages and interfaces without being dependant on IT technicians. The visual editor is tailor-made to handle beginners and offers customizable layouts and templates. On top of that, the platform also allows the creation of smart forms using a simple drag-and-drop functionality. These forms can efficiently capture customer data and add to the database of customer information in the CRM. Other features include the incorporation of social media marketing to generate more organic leads.

Manage Leads Seamlessly

Perhaps one of the best features that Salesforce Pardot offers is intelligent lead nurturing, which enables users to engage with prospective customers using automated emails that are sent upon certain triggers. Leads that become non-responsive can be re-engaged and useful leads can be identified quickly and efficiently. Not just that, much of the processes required in managing leads can be automated, and Salesforce Pardot allows for that. Several tasks such as lead assignment can be automated with the help of the visual builder.

Added Convenience By Pardot Einstein

AI is a groundbreaking technological advancement that improves everything it touches. The same can be said for marketing strategies of businesses. Salesforce comes equipped with Salesforce Einstein, which helps the sales and marketing teams identify the best possible leads to prioritize by using Predictive Lead Scoring, which performs better than traditional lead scoring methods. Einstein also leverages customer data to study their behavior and predict which customers are ready to make a purchase. To optimize marketing campaigns, Einstein also helps determine which prospects would be most suited to certain campaigns.

Email Marketing Made Easy

Salesforce Pardot offers a comprehensive email marketing platform to businesses so as to make the most of their marketing efforts. Features that help in this regard include the email builder tool, which helps users correspond to emails efficiently. With pre-built templates that are also customizable, users can easily draft emails on the go. With scheduled emails and auto-response capabilities, users can attend to customers and at the same time, make the contact convenient for themselves.

Comprehensive Reporting

A crucial process when it comes to managing the marketing strategy of businesses is measuring its impact. ROI reporting helps users keep track of the campaign performance and use the customer data to determine the overall success of the marketing strategy. Pardot helps connect the marketing and sales data in order to get a comprehensive picture of the results. Lifecycle reporting also helps employees keep an eye on the sales funnel and look for any potential problems in the process that might be causing inefficiencies. Additionally, comprehensive email reporting help users get an overview of customer behaviour, such as their clicks, opens and views. This report is presented in a visually engaging manner that helps users understand customer behaviour even better.

Make The Most Of Your Salesforce Pardot

There is no doubt that Salesforce Pardot is a comprehensive marketing solution to many businesses specifically looking for a B2B solution. Features such as Salesforce Einstein and comprehensive reporting allow users to maintain a streamlined business operation, and at the same time ensure that the most effective marketing strategy is being employed. With the help of Salesforce customization, users can tailor their Pardot platform to serve their exact needs in an even more efficient manner.

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