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By Robert Ulrich

Salesforce has launched a new suite of applications catered to the overall wellbeing of employees. Any organization not working remotely or is sending their sales team often should avail this opportunity and look no further than You can think of as a COVID response product, for a safe return to the workplace.

Originally, was a corporate performance management platform targeted to sales representatives. It was used to measure employee engagement in certain areas. After being acquired by Salesforce, and with the pandemic, it was put to better use. It is the perfect platform for a variety of different use cases like:

  • Businesses looking to reopen safely
  • Preparation in responding to future crises
  • Returning to the workplace
  • Reskilling employees consists of several applications that all have safety as a top priority.

Employee Wellness Assessment

Keep a check on the current health of your employees by monitoring them with this mobile app. Inside the app, you can subject them to questions targeted to how they are feeling physically and mentally. This is to ensure their wellness on a surface level and make sure they are able to perform given their current condition.

Contact Tracing App

The Contact Tracing application plays an active role in slowing the spread of the coronavirus, by identifying employees who have started to show symptoms. It works by tracing other people who have been in contact with the employee, be it their family members or other members of the organization. You can generate a contact graph with everyone involved, with the goal being to encourage their self-isolation. 

This is similar to CRM, where relationships can be quantified, but in this case, the relationship in question is of a viral nature. It identifies three major components of the relationship, the individuals, risks to the community via person to person relationship mapping, and geographic hotspots. As an organization, you will take action by either conducting mass tests or making other suggestions on how to best stay safe.

You can view visuals of the relationship map of individuals, as well as highlighting those who are currently being monitored. These will be called patient cards which will include other information like insurance coverage and symptoms.

Help slow the spread of infection and keep your business processes moving forward by keeping your employees healthy.

Shift Scheduling App

This application is all about coordinating who is needed at any given time in the workspace. You can generate shift patterns on the skillsets of the employees, smartly rotating between similar employees and who needs to present at certain times. Some of this interface will be based on Salesforce Lightning and its Field Service Lightning feature set. You can efficiently utilize the combined skills of employees while keeping them on board only when they are needed. Avoid employee burnout and ensure everyone’s safety.

Emergency Response Management

This is an application that targets the health industry and is used to allocate public and private sector resources. The other applications will already cover most industry verticals so they will not exactly be left in the dark. 

Emergency Response Management will also support these features:

  • Emergency Program Management
  • Salesforce Maps
  • Lightning Scheduler
  • Service Cloud

Using this alongside Salesforce Einstein will allow you to visualize the data easily and make resource management a breeze.

Volunteer and Grants Management

The features here act as an extension of Emergency Response Management. With Volunteer Coordination you can gain volunteers through a variety of methods like digital sign-ups, scheduling, and reminders. All done to get the right type of volunteer on the right type of activity.

You can keep tabs on the original application of grants, right up to the point where you are finally awarded. Similarly, you can track donations via this method.

Reskilling Employees

You can pass new regulations which your employees will follow to either relearn what they previously performed when at work. This includes newer practices which they should implement when interacting with customers in the current climate. You can conduct this on mobile via the myTrailhead app. Make sure your employees are constantly learning and growing on the job.

Workplace Command Center

This is where everything mentioned earlier comes together. This unique dashboard brings all of the information from together in a succinct package to answer simple questions regarding employee wellbeing. You can view the information by location or on shift requirements. Use this Command Center to accurately check how healthy your organization is.

Summing Up

With customer and employee priorities changing rapidly, it is important to keep up with them. It is vital for organizations to practice their business processes whilst making every interaction safe. With by Salesforce, you can now keep conducting business as it was before while giving employees and customers peace of mind. All interactions between individuals will be taken into account when you are tracing points of contact. So stay safe and keep maintaining the same relationship with your clients.


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