Making the CRM experience easy by Salesforce Einstein

By Robert Ulrich

Salesforce, inspired by the famous dictum by Albert Einstein — “ Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler” — aims to bring the yields of Artificial Intelligence to your door, without the burden of understanding or running complex algorithms and codes that power Artificial Intelligence. 

Salesforce’s utility and functionality in the field of Customer Relation Management can be doubly increased by different integrations, however, Salesforce Einstein is going to take your company at another level altogether. Your company’s grasp of your customer’s needs and priorities will be enhanced manifold. The insights offered by the new tool will not only promote a stronger and closer relationship with your clients, it will also allow your company to design and execute effective strategies. In addition to that, you can utilize the department-specific services offered by Einstein to stay on top of your game. The promise the new technology holds is immense. 

You must be wondering what the hype is all about. Let us dive into the key services offered by Salesforce Einstein. These services will push your company into a new direction and ultimately enhance the company’s productivity and profitability. 

How will Salesforce Einstein change your CRM experience?

Dramatically increase your sales with Sales Cloud Einstein

Bringing together a sales team that is equipped to design an effective sales policy while keeping the competition in mind is difficult. What is more difficult is to organize a sales team that is innovative. One that can come up with strategies that are cognizant of future possibilities. Now, this is a tough nut to crack. Salesforce Einstein helps you to make this possible. In fact, it gives your sales team the tools to achieve this objective. 

Through Sales Cloud Einstein you can run extensive searches into the existing market trends and patterns to figure out the best sales strategy. At the same time, you can run algorithms on your existing data to glean incredible insights into your previous closed and lost deals. Through this trenchant analysis, you can maximize your profits and overall outputs. Salesforce Einstein will further allow your company to automate the process. 

Ensure swift and effective service through Cloud Einstein

Quick, appropriate and coherent management of customer needs is essential to the success of any business. Cloud Einstein allows you to maximize your leverage in this department. You can now prioritize customer requests on the basis of previous trends. For example, if a product has been detected to possess some defect it will be automatically routed to the relevant department. This feature will tremendously increase your company’s productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

Secondly, you can quickly respond to customer requests by utilizing the answers suggested by Cloud Einstein. This feature is optimized to be cognizant of the context while making suggestions. You can reduce the margin of error considerably and provide reliable responses at a faster pace. Lastly, Cloud Einstein can also be used to predict the time taken to resolve a particular query. You can effectively and efficiently reroute and manage queries all the while providing your customers with a reliable estimate of the time required to provide answers. 

Use Cloud Einstein to devise impactful marketing strategies

Effective and impactful marketing strategies can change the trajectory of the company. Thanks to Salesforce Pardot, the analytics and market analysis opportunities offered by Salesforce are unparalleled, however, Cloud Einstein is going to help you build even more in the existing momentum.  You can gauge the effectiveness of your current marketing strategies through the predictive score provided by Cloud Einstein. For example, you can now calculate the engagement your email campaign will generate. You can also compare and contrast scores before launching the campaign and choose the best option. 

Building on the predictive score you can also get a wholesome understanding of your expected audience. Your audience can be further segmented based on the predictive score. This way you can design dynamic and extremely interactive marketing campaigns. At the same time, you can now optimize the campaign launch time to garner maximum interest and engagement.

Build an organic Community through Cloud Einstein 

You can now organically build a community by using Cloud Einstein. Establishing a firm base and community will ensure that your business flourishes and your client retention rate increases. 

You can forge communitarian feelings by using Cloud Einstein. Share informative articles, information regarding experts in the fields, and suggest relevant topics to your clients according to their interests and needs. AI in Einstein ensures that your suggestions are appropriate and effective. You can also automate a number of customer service processes by training Einstein in specific keywords. 

Similarly, Salesforce Einstein can tailor the content your customers see on the basis of their interests. These cutting edge additions are bound to keep your customers coming back. 

Radically alter work processes and outputs through steinApp Cloud Einstein

steinApp Cloud Einstein enables you to develop intelligent applications tailored to the unique needs of your company. This is a formidable new development because it democratizes the process; technology that was previously restricted to a privileged few is now available for all. 

The compatibility of PredictionIQ with Salesforce’s Heroku Enterprise. This changes the whole application development process. Now, you can design intelligent applications. However, what is more, important is the option to use Predictive Modeling services. You can use this feature to organize better workflows that are integrated with machine learning. Through machine learning, you can automate most of the processes and ensure that processes are organized to maximize productivity and profitability. 

Through Apache Kafka, you can completely bypass the complex configurations required in app development. At the same time, you can design much more comprehensive apps. Thunder, another feature of steinApp Cloud Einstein, allows you to minimize the noise in the system. It enables you to organize thousands of events and processes in real-time.

Our Two Bits

Salesforce is already applauded for its ability to support business verticals. The addition to Einstein is going to make Salesforce even more lucrative. In short, Salesforce Einstein is a brilliant coming together of Artificial intelligence and CRM. It is bound to have a staggering impact on your company’s output and productivity. The best part is that you and your business can now benefit from artificial intelligence without having to understand the complicated science behind it. RT labs is  an official Salesforce partner firm. We can not only help you to navigate the latest Salesforce technology but also help you with multiple Salesforce integrations and customizations. 

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