Safeguard your Online Store with the Magento Security Scan Tool

By Robert Ulrich

Having a data breach occur is one of the absolute worst things that can happen to your business. It allows valuable information to leak, for both you and consumers, not to mention completely shatters your credibility. Completely recovering from one is also no easy feat as it can take the better part of the fiscal year. ECommerce sites are also susceptible to attacks from digital skimming and malware infestations. You have to avoid this at all costs in order to safeguard your business. For online stores, The Magento Security Scan Tool can help secure your eCommerce platform from any malicious attacks from viruses.

Magento is fully committed to offering a safe and secure experience for companies and shoppers online. Every day they update their threat detection to make way for the newest virus definitions and malware.

Magento Security Scan Tool

The Security Scan Tool is available to both users of Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source. This allows merchants to scan and identify possible vulnerabilities in their online eCommerce store. The types of threats that Magento Security Scan Tool can identify are:

  • Outdated security patches
  • Digital skimming injections
  • Security settings tampered with
  • Extensions that are potentially vulnerable
  • Overall malware and vulnerabilities on the storefront

When any of the following are identified, an automated email is sent to an administrator, who can then timely perform scans. The idea is to perform scans often so that any vulnerabilities can be rectified or compensated for. Regular scans and checkups will allow your eCommerce store to be safe, secure, and ready to roll out.

Magento Partnered with Sansec

The Adobe partnership with Sansec has enabled the antivirus application to have more robust functionality. The leading security company will be adding over 9,000 vulnerability and malware signatures to Magento Security Scan Tool. Every signature has gone through a rigorous testing process to make sure it is safe and also accurate. In its final ready state, it is then added to the tool to make contributions. 

Sansec also analyses the latest known eCommerce attacks and breaches in order to stay up to date. The information is constantly applied to keep the security at its maximum level, with new attack vectors being identified. This leads to new signatures being added on a monthly basis, so you can be safe from the latest attacks. 

Magento Security Scan tool Setup

Usage of the tool is absolutely free for all users of Magento Commerce and the Magento Open Source version. This means you or any of your team members can access it simply by logging in with your Magento account and selecting the Security Scan option. Once you have gone through Magento Website Development, you can start scanning immediately. You can scan whenever you want, be it daily, weekly or monthly, the more you do it the better. Keep your whole business secure online with this included and intuitive tool.

Benefits of Magento Security Scan tool

The tool is a way for Magento merchants to meet the security needs of their online store. Performing regular scans will ensure that your website is not in any danger and cannot be compromised. 

The tool allows you to:

  • Run over 17,000 tests to ensure that there is no malware present on the website
  • Obtain insights in real-time into the status of security on the website
  • Gain access to historical data of all the scans performed to compare and contrast
  • Obtain scans of reports that show successful and failed scans, along with recommended actions

By integrating Magento with a CRM, you can save the scans of your records there as well.

Over to You

Using the Magento Security Scan tool is a no-brainer, it’s free and is provided by just having a Magento account. Don’t be one of those firms that get their privacy breached and then lose the trust of their customers. That trust is hard to come by and is even harder to get back once it’s gone. Customise your Magento to make your website even more stable than before. Various cyber threats are constantly evolving, go with Magento, and start evolving back to stay ahead of the competition.


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