Magento Page Builder: Powerful Content Creation

By Robert Ulrich

In order to retain customers for a longer period of time, a business must have relevant goods and services. However, businesses tend to neglect the user interface of their website, which is one of the largest factors for retention. Your brand’s popularity is also perpetuated by the design of your online store which is reflecting your business values. Luckily, if you use Magento they have just the tool for you, the Magento Page Builder. 

Generally, you would have to be directly involved with the web team to make a website that fulfills every requirement. With Magento Page Builder, you can create an eCommerce site without needing to involve the other teams or know how to code. You only have to understand the basics of Magento in order to design your own online store. Your store is all about content creation and curation, with Magento’s modern design sensibilities you can showcase your business properly.

With how much control Magento gives the user, it is one of the most flexible eCommerce platforms out there. The Page Builder along with an assortment of other tools is what sets it apart from the competition. These are also factors that have a high potential to boost your overall sales and growth. 

The Fundamentals of Page Builder

Magento Page Builder includes easy to understand methods of implementing artistic designs. These can include drag and drop techniques for the actual content creation, and live previews to view the appearance beforehand. With the integration with other Magento products present inside, content from them can also be reused creatively if needed. New content can easily be created by using templates, forms, various components, and different styles. 

With Page Builder, you can cater the website exactly to the type of audience you require. Every company functions in a different way to each other so this level of customisation is suited to everyone.

The Benefits of Page Builder

Complete Control

Cut out the middleman and take over how you want your eCommerce store to function and appear. Some ideas that you may have given your development team in the past may have been hard to convey and ended in a not so desired result. Do not be dependent on your teams when you are fully capable of completing a task yourself. Magento gives you this capability, so leverage it and divide other more technical tasks to your teams. The involvement of the marketing team on Magento Page Builder can be especially beneficial as strategies can be implemented directly on the site.

Workload Efficiency

Magento allows you to set up dynamic blocks with ease, both from scratch and in duplication. The blocks are basically interactive billboards on your eCommerce platform and are important for catching the customer’s eye. By duplicating them and making slight edits, your team can save time when making design changes and increase productivity. 

When all that is done, you can view a live preview and immediately implementing it without involving other teams.

Dynamic Content

When you have all of the Page Builder tools at your disposal, you can make sure that the content is always up to date and relevant. Updating all the videos, images, and text with the next big thing you wish to flaunt becomes easier with Magento. This way, your online store is always in touch with how your business is progressing.

Cater The Experience

You have all the ability now to cater to the customers exactly how you want to, enhancing the customer experience. For further assistance, you can get your Magento customised by experts on the platform. Whichever route you choose, you will still be able to personalize the experience to your liking.

If you had Magento CRM integration, you can also leverage the customer data stored there for insights to assist you. The information would let you know which path to follow when creating content for your website.


Magento Page Builder provides the tools that a non-technical resource or someone with good design sensibilities is able to use. The content of the site will become easy to create, and all of it will be in your control. Updating it every now and then will enable you to promote what is necessary and when it is required. Leverage this tool and take your store to new heights.


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