Top 9 Reasons How CRM Can Transform Your Small Business

By Robert Ulrich

(Updated on June 2021)

[There are many leading CRM platforms out there that are taking the market by storm. The best of those is Sugar CRM. The cutting-edge technology of Sugar provides the following benefits: communication using automation tools, utilizing data analytic tools, following customer activity, and syncing data from various applications.]

Are you looking for ways to improve customer relationships, drive profits and boost your team’s productivity? Have you seen how your competitors are growing at a fast pace with CRM implementation? It’s about time you also revolutionize your business with a CRM and cherish the high returns of your investment. We understand that it takes a lot of courage to take the big leap of implementing a CRM platform, so we have outlined some of the reasons that make CRM a must-have. Have a look at them and decide according to your business needs!

Automate Business Processes

In any small business, employees work on a number of tasks at the same time. However, there are many cyclical tasks that can be automated to unlock potential in your business with a CRM. A leading CRM platform, SugarCRM can do a lot more in lesser time and turn the 80/20 rule into a reality. Moreover, you can also leverage SugarCRM customizations to tailor it according to your business processes. 

Track Campaigns for Higher Marketing ROI

With rising competition, lead generation has become a top challenge for marketers. But don’t worry as we will uncover a way to stay ahead of your competitors. So, how to go about it? The answer lies in CRM implementation. Make use of SugarCRM to bring all your marketing channels into a unified platform. Along with this, you can also track consumer metrics and campaign results through your CRM. Hence, you can engage better with visitors on social media, website, and email. This will let you focus more on your customers with targeted and personalized marketing. 

Integrate with Third-Party Software

CRM can really transform your business. Through seamless CRM integration with third-party software, you can extend the functionality of your CRM to bring a transformation in your business. For example, while SugarCRM will serve as a primary platform for customer relationships, sales, and marketing- you can integrate it with your accounting software such as Quickbooks and Xero. 

Streamline Communication Channels

Providing value to customers is important for any business. Up your game with CRM to have seamless communication with customers across all channels. You can send automated emails with scheduling, leverage live chat integrations and log calls within your CRM platform. 

Optimize Sales Funnels

Most of the times businesses struggle to close deals. With a CRM platform, you can accelerate the customer acquisition process and seize new opportunities faster. This will help you to optimize your sales funnel through better lead management and lead nurturing. Moreover, if your business challenges aren’t met with the CRM platform, you can take help from certified professionals and get it revamped. 

Interactive Data Visualization with Reports and Dashboards

Another way that CRM can bring about a transformation in your business is through reporting and interactive dashboards. Isn’t it quite useful for a business to easily keep track of all the critical metrics? In your CRM, you can get all the relevant information regarding consumer behavior and use it to strategize in a better way through actionable insights. 

Improved Customer Service

Customer Service is the main focus of many businesses, and rightly so. With companies innovating at speeds never thought possible, customer service is where you got to go to the next mile and add value to your customers. According to SugarCRM, 62% of people said that they adopted CRM to improve customer service. Wouldn’t you want to stay ahead of your competitors? SugarCRM lets you deliver excellent customer service by removing all bottlenecks in communication so that your consumers turn into loyal customers. 

Boost Team Productivity 

There’s always room for improvement in productivity in a team. Many businesses experiment with different tools to see a boost in the productivity of employees. Most often, this overwhelms the employees as they have to shift between different tools and platforms to complete their tasks. The result? Failure to meet deadlines. But, there is a solution to all this as CRM is a unified platform and helps in having seamless workflows. No matter how complicated your workflows are, SugarCRM will make your work easier and simpler. 

Higher Revenue 

Just like CRM will help you in streamlining all your business processes, it also increases your revenue while cutting down on cost. You can also leverage predictive analytics to not just do sound planning, but also have a proactive approach.

Over to You!

We have highlighted just a few ways in which CRM can transform your business. In short, it is a must-have for your small businesses to seize new opportunities and supercharge growth. 

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