Getting to know Salesforce Education Cloud

By Robert Ulrich

Salesforce is known to provide credible and sustainable solutions to your business. It accomplishes this by offering an array of services to make business management easier for you. Now, Salesforce is making forays into another niche market by providing education cloud services. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that many in the education sector are benefiting from this new intervention; they are actively adopting CRM to use cutting-edge technology. Through Customer Relations Management software, Higher Education Institutes can streamline admissions, manage enrollments, organize university classes, and maintain networks. You can easily bring together data from seemingly disparate sources– all of these tasks can be completed through a few clicks. 


The opportunities offered by Salesforce Education Cloud are exceptionally lucrative. Unfortunately, many in the industry are still struggling to learn the ropes. This article will give you a quick overview of the Salesforce Education Cloud. 

Recruitment and Admission Process: 

Through the Salesforce Education cloud, you can easily get in touch with prospective students. Cloud can allow you to get a sense of the potential candidates too.  The software allows you to gauge the needs and expectations of potential students. This way you can tailor your marketing campaigns to target specific student groups. This feature of the Cloud service will boost the response your university will be able to garner.


Furthermore, databases can further be utilized to gain a bird’s eye view of potential candidates. At the same time, CRM can be used to execute personalized correspondence with prospective students.  This step is bound to increase the appeal and impact of your marketing campaigns.


You can also sync the application across multiple applications. Stay on top of everything by making use of such facilities.

Manage Students and Maintain Student Life:

Students look for institutions that provide a seamless and smooth student and academic life experience. They do not want to be bogged down by administrative glitches. By acquiring the services of Salesforce Education Cloud Services your organization can manage all of these things. Student complaints can be addressed in the best possible way and none are missed. You can flag issues and respond to queries individually. At the same time, the preferred lines of communication can be developed with students. This increases student satisfaction considerably.  Salesforce provides its Education Cloud users with Salesforce Advisors Link. Through this link, you can get critical insights into major concerns raised by your students. Similarly, it can periodically advise your organization to devise and develop strategies required to tackle students’ issues. Students would also be given the option to get in touch with internship and job providers. This way you easily bridge the gap between the market and your students.

A State of the art Data Architecture

The edifice of the Salesforce Education cloud is built on the data structure also known as Education Data Architecture. You can benefit immensely from the information available on this platform to model your curriculum, outreach plans, student relationships, and extra and co-curricular activities. The platform allows you to synchronize different aspects of your business and develop concrete student-friendly policies.  EDA provides monthly and bi-weekly updates that are necessary to develop the best strategies. You can customize your resources and tap into diverse communities. Similarly, the Salesforce App exchange will enable sustained linkages across different platforms. You can now respond to the needs of your students in the best possible way.

Novel ways of Handling Student Advisory Sessions

Student Advisory sessions form the backbone of the university’s relationship with the students. They are also extremely technical and need close attention. You can generate immediate and efficient solutions from Student Advisory Link (SAL) provided by Salesforce.  This has unique provisions.  You can synchronize the calendars of students and advisors and schedule meetings. The online office management software provided by Salesforce can be used to register walk-in meetings.


Lastly, students and advisors can team up to design curriculum and degree plans. This ensures that everyone is on the same page. Advisors can maintain meeting notes and evaluate the performance of the students. This is important if they wish to make useful comments on the student’s trajectory.

Stay on top of Digital Marketing

In the age of digital marketing and online communication, universities need to be on top of their digital marketing campaigns. Salesforce Education Cloud is necessary to forge necessary connections and tap into existing networks. Different contact lists can be synchronized and cross-departmental communication is made easy and effective. Alumni networks can also be kept in the loop. This maximized the company’s outreach. Lastly, this aspect of the Cloud can be utilized to establish contacts with active students. They can be then recruited to run online campaigns.

How Can We Help?

This service is an absolute trailblazer- unlike anything the education industry has seen. By opting for it you will completely overall the dynamics of running your institute and turn it into an easy and smooth ride for your administration. Leverage RT Labs’ Salesforce Support and expertise today to get a consultation on how to best apply the Salesforce Education Cloud. 



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