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By Robert Ulrich

Dreamforce is something all its participants are always waiting for and it’s no surprise the wait is worth it because Dreamforce comes back bigger and better every year. It is always a package full of excitement including more learning, more fun and more innovation than before. Dreamforce 2020 may be over but do not be sad, Dreamforce 2021 has been launched with new exciting features promising more efficiency, excitement and ease of use. For those of you who are still clueless, let me introduce what Dreamforce actually is. In short, Salesforces comes up with new exciting launches every year during Dreamforce, their annual global event. This event has something for every tech savvy person, from key business prospects to trailblazers, from tech minds to CRM consultants, it’s an event that covers everyone. Like always, this year’s update was also jam packed with surprises! If you did miss out on the event then do not be sad, this blog will walk you through the event to get a glimpse of the exciting features introduced in Dreamforce 2021.

Slack Innovations (Digital HQ)

One of the most awaited announcement was a new Salesforce integration with the Slack platform. This was announced in Dreamforce 2020 but no updates were given to anyone until 2021, which made this announcement one of the most anticipated one out there. So this integration announces new capabilities that will integrate Slack with Salesforce’s wide range of products and solutions. Slack Digital HQ innovation will make things easier for organizations by allowing them to easily collaborate across departments and teams making work more flexible and interactive with a lighter environment.

Salesforce Billing Without CPQ

The introduction of Salesforce latest subscription management platform has been announced. This offers companies a self-service mechanism to manage and maintain all their subscription products and keep track of them accordingly. It also helps make a systematic action plan and streamline revenue growth efficiently and effectively. The new subscription platform, which is fully integrated with Slack, comes with a RevOps dashboard and a built in pricing playground that helps you deal with all areas related to product pricing, price changing schedules, billing, invoicing and receipts.

Launch of Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0

Another exciting announcement in Dreamforce 2021 was the launch of Salesforce’s Health Cloud 2.0. This is a connected platform that will make businesses more accessible and at customer’s reach. How? Well, it will allow not just businesses but also the government to deliver support, help and care from anywhere at any time. Salesforce also introduced the “Dream pass” by pushing the capabilities of Health cloud 2.0 further to a bigger level. This will organize a safe in person Dreamforce experience in San Francisco and is working for this to happen in normal routine too.

Launch of Salesforce Sustainability Cloud 2.0

During Dreamforce 2021, Salesforce pointed out they had achieved Net Zero across its value chain as well as 100% renewable energy for its operations. So this year Salesforce followed up this statement by introducing their Sustainability Cloud 2.0 with the mission that it will help customers join them in their Net Zero path and contribute towards creating a better and friendlier ecosystem. This launch means the company is one step closer to doing their part in making the planet a better place, showing how important addressing climate change is for them.

Introduction of Trailhead for Slack

Salesforce has introduced Trailhead for Slack Alongside Slack Digital HQ innovations. This will now mean members, employees, participants, community members and trailhead customers can seamlessly access Salesforce learning hub from their digital HQ without any hassle. Some of the important features they highlighted include the Home tab, Trailhead search slash command and the recommended learning heading.

Salesforce Backup and Restore Solutions

An announcement that made Salesforce customers feel at ease and satisfied was Salesforce native backup and restore solution. The Salesforce ecosystem was always in need for an automated daily backups and restores leading the on-platform solution regardless of having several useful backup solutions. So, this was something that was pretty much needed. This also means users can now easily backup and restore data at the rate of just a few clicks, replacing long solutions they once had to follow.

That’s It Folks!

Well now that we have discussed all the new features announced in Dreamforce 2021, it is your turn to understand how these can help take your business to the next level. For more detail you can always go over to the Salesforce website to get a better idea. Until then, sit tight for next year’s update. It too, will be full of surprises!


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