Everything you need to know about Salesforce Sales Cloud

By Robert Ulrich

Salesforce is well-known around the world for its cutting-edge CRM solutions. It is a complete business automation package. Salesforce empowers your CRM experience by providing a user-friendly, intuitive, and highly scalable platform. Implementing Salesforce has an accelerating impact on your revenues. 

The positive impact of Salesforce has been compounded by the release of Cloud Editions. The cloud editions make Salesforce an even more accessible and easily deployable option. 

Salesforce Cloud Edition: What is it about? 

Salesforce Cloud Edition comes in three major formats. These include the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. Together the three cloud editions are expected to propel your business into a new phase of growth and expansion. Each of the Cloud can be used independently as well. The vision behind the Salesforce Cloud is to enable transformative business practices that are also environmentally friendly. In addition to these clouds, Salesforce also offers industry-specific cloud solutions like Education Cloud

Overview of Salesforce Sales Cloud 

Sales Cloud, as mentioned above, is one of the three formats offered in the Salesforce Cloud Edition. It is the missing link between your other departments and sales. It has been created to enable easy bookkeeping and sales data management. Sales Cloud is a powerful tool to centralize and structure your sales data. You can easily access and update the required fields with only a few clicks. 

Let’s look at the features offered by the Sales Cloud and how it will leverage greater growth for your company. 

Key Specialties

Contact & Opportunity Management 

Sales Cloud provides a comprehensive contact management solution to its users. You can have a complete view of your customers including activity histories, key contact persons, communication details, and internal discussion. Customer insights from social media platforms can also be built into your Contact lists. 

Opportunity Management can be a confusing thing. You can streamline this process through Salesforce. Your teams are connected seamlessly and the information integrated so that deal closing is a smooth process. You can view all the stages in the sales cycle. You can also view quotes, products, competition among other things. This way you are up to date on each aspect of your business process. 

Lead Management

Similarly, Salesforce Sales Cloud gives you the tools to track and route leads. You can automatically assign the leads to relevant resources or departments. SalesCloud further gives you the tools to manage your leads proactively and efficiently. This increases the marketing efficiency of your company. To further build on the marketing capabilities offered of Sales Cloud, you can use Salesforce Pardot

Sales Data Management & Syncing 

Salesforce allows you to collate and synthesize all the sales data in your Sales Cloud. The data is automatically updated and cleansed by Salesforce. Informed decision making has been easy with Salesforce as all the sales data is saved in a unified platform and presented in a visually comprehensible manner. Changes and updates to the data can be made through a few clicks. 

Sales Cloud smooths out any wrinkles in the cross-department collaboration. File sharing and storing has been made incredibly easy. Files can be shared with any team. All the while, updates or changes to shared files are duly recorded. Files can also be accessed from different devices. 

Workflow Automation

Your company’s workflows are also automated through Sales Cloud for example approval requests are automatically processed. Sales Cloud’s Process Builder allows you to visualize and create different and complex sales processes including the transit stage. This makes sales management easier than ever before! 

Customized Reports & Reliable Forecasts 

The simple drag and drop down features in Sales Cloud allow you to generate reports swiftly. You can add charts and graphs to the reports. At the same time, these reports can be accessed at any time and from any device. This will facilitate the decision-making process. 

Sales Cloud circumvents the complexity of data for you and gives reliable Sales forecasts and projections based on the data already stored in it. You can add the power of Salesforce Einstein to increase the power of your forecasting tools tremendously. You can thus avoid unnecessary risks and plan ahead of time. 

Benefits of Sales Cloud 

The benefits of the Sales Cloud are many! We are listing the top ones for you. 

  • Impeccable data security in Salesforce ensures that all the critical information is streamlined in a unified channel. A centralized data storage means that everything from notes to contacts is present in a secure place. 
  • Sales Cloud is a highly scalable solution. It grows and adapts with your organization. You would not have to revamp your management and infrastructure as your organization grows as Salesforce can seamlessly integrate the changes into your existing platform. 
  • Sales Cloud comes with a high level of mobility. You can access it from anywhere and any device. For example, the Sales Cloud Mobile is compatible with both IOS and Android users and offers an interface that matches your desktop Salesforce. 
  • Real-time reporting is another understated benefit of the Sales Cloud. It removes the cumbersome processes involved in collecting data from different sources. In Sales Cloud, you will be able to generate reports with a few clicks only. You can add advanced filters to get the exact data you want. 
  • Salesforce can be customized and configured to the unique needs of your business. More importantly, the internal organizational processes would not be slowed down by unnecessary or redundant features. Salesforce customizations add to the agility of the platform. 

How Can We Help?  

Salesforce is what you need to transform your business process. Salesforce Sales Cloud will considerably improve the way you manage your sales. Your company’s conversion rate will go up immediately. On the whole, Sales Cloud will streamline your business processes, increase your company’s productivity, and enhance your customer service. Are you interested in trying Salesforce Sales Cloud? Reach out to us at RT Labs. If you want to get a complete CRM solution through Salesforce, you can check out Salesforce Lightning. Reach out to us if you are confused. We would be happy to answer all of your questions. Our Salesforce experts can cater to all your Salesforce needs. 

RT Labs, being an Official Salesforce Partner firm, is an expert provider of services including Salesforce Migration, Integration, Customisation, and Support. Contact Us today by filling out our contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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