Enhance your Customer Service with Sugar RT Telephony

By Robert Ulrich

Did you know that 70% of the customers believe that good customer service is their primary consideration behind brand preferences? 68% of the customers further believe that good interactions with customer service representatives solidified their trust in a company or brand. 

These figures speak to the importance of good customer service. 

If you are wondering about ways to deliver impressive service across all customer touchpoints, then you are in the right place. Through Sugar RT Telephony you can only deliver exceptional customer service through calls and texts but also orchestrate amazing SMS campaigns. When coupled with customizations in Sugar, the plugin will increase your CRM’s functionality tremendously. 

What is RT Telephony? 

RT Telephony is one of the major SugarCRM plugins offered by Rolustech. The plugin is an easy way to add Twilio to your SugarCRM. RT Telephony comes with agile mechanisms to increase your company’s efficiency and productivity. RT Telephony will further assist you in delivering top-notch customer service both on calls and SMS. 

Manage Your Calls 

Managing calls is easy with RT Telephony. You can make both inbound and outbound calls directly from your SugarCRM modules. The best part is that these calls can be made from any channel such as web, desktop, and mobile applications. Calls can be forwarded to different agents based on their availability. This reduces the chance of missing calls. 

Furthermore, you can record all the calls. The recordings as well as the call notes are automatically saved in Sugar once you end the call. You can go back to them whenever needed. These features can augment the quality of your sales management and customer service tremendously. 

Never Miss Your SMS

You can initiate new text-based conversations from within your CRM and respond to the texts you have already received. To start a new conversation you only need the receipt’s number. This way you can deliver highly personalized customer service. The SMS feature of RT Telephony will complement the functionality added by marketing automation tools.  

What’s more, you can orchestrate highly effective SMS campaigns from your CRM. You can set up and save a variety of texting templates. Once this task is complete, you only have to choose the desired template and select the target list from your contact to instantly send messages. Link shortening tools can be utilized to save character space as well. 

Other Functionalities offered by RT Telephony 

Communication with clients is facilitated further by the following functionalities offered by RT Telephony. 

Stay on Top of Things with Instant Notifications

Whenever you receive a call or text, RT Telephony will instantly display the notification on your CRM. For your ease details of the contact, if it is saved in your Sugar, will also be displayed. If it is a follow-up call, then your representative can instantly pull up the client or query history from Sugar. 

Automation Through Interactive Voice Response 

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a handy feature. It saves precious time and increases the efficiency of your organization. The IVR functionality empowers RT Telephony to be your operator. You can set up automated welcome notes. Similarly, automated voice responses can be configured to direct your clients to relevant departments.  This setup is especially useful for call centres, recruitment agencies and other businesses that receive a high average number of calls daily. 

Enjoy an Interactive User Interface (UI) 

RT Telephony comes with an interactive and friendly UI. You will never miss out on new notifications because of features like the ‘new’ section. The interface automatically arranges information according to your priorities. Thus, facilitating higher productivity of users. 

Keep Things Lively with Emojis 

To lighten up things, you can choose from a range of emojis available in your RT Telephony. Emojis add a personal touch to your interactions and will make your reps appear more approachable. 

Take Action! 

RT Telephony is an incredibly easy-to-implement and useful plugin for your SugarCRM. It is designed with the intent to facilitate companies that are usually inundated with calls or text for clients. With RT Telephony your organization would never have to worry about missing calls or messages. Are you interested in trying the plugin? Reach out to us and our team would be more than happy to give you a free demo. Make sure to check out other RT products and plugins. 


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