CRM and Marketing Automation Software Integration – A Powerful Duo

By Robert Ulrich

According to the latest research, 63% of the companies outgrow their competitors by leveraging marketing automation. This means that with rising competition, the need for marketing automation has increased more than ever. 

Nowadays, customers demand personalized experiences and want to see their preferred products. They use multiple mediums making it difficult for marketers to keep track of all interactions with the consumers and leverage data fully. 

As a result, businesses are keen to leverage marketing automation by integrating their marketing software with the CRM platform. 

So, without any further delay let’s explore the top 3 marketing automation platforms and how their integration with CRM can benefit your business.

Sugar Market and CRM Integration

While there are a number of CRM platforms out there, Sugar is the best CRM software for small businesses aiming to drive high profits with marketing automation. This isn’t us claiming it but what SugarCRM has been doing to ensure their users have a seamless experience.

Recently, SugarCRM has introduced an all-in-one marketing automation platform: Sugar Market.

Sugar Market is an end-to-end marketing automation platform that will streamline all your marketing activities and help you achieve a high ROI on your marketing efforts. It can be easily integrated with Sugar and other CRMs to up your marketing game. 

Below are some of the top features and benefits of Sugar Market:

SEO Optimization

Sugar Market provides a complete solution for website and SEO audits. 

Campaign Management

Manage campaigns seamlessly to nurture leads with drip campaigns and built-in lead scoring functionalities.

Landing Pages

Build Landing Pages and lead forms with built-in templates to engage the audience better in a time-efficient manner. 

Custom Surveys

Create Custom Surveys to get to know your customer’s feedback, gain actionable insights and strategize accordingly.

Webinar Management

Measure your webinar’s success by effortlessly managing and keeping track of all your important online events. 

Reporting and Dashboards

Understand your data better through interactive reports and dashboards to get a clear picture of which strategies are working and what needs to be improved. 

Mautic and CRM Integration

Mautic is an open-source marketing automation platform that intelligently keeps track of your lead generation, lead management, and lead tracking activities. It helps to automate marketing processes through custom workflows and seamlessly manages your campaigns across different social media channels. 

Mautic and CRM integration works like magic. Being a unified platform for your sales and marketing team, CRM serves as a complete database to derive actionable insights, retain customers and keep them happy with personalized experiences. 

Mailchimp and CRM Integration

Mailchimp is one of the most used marketing automation platforms. It is easy to use and works seamlessly with different CRM platforms. 

Mailchimp is known for its efficient email marketing, accurate reports, and friendly user-interface. If the prime focus of your marketing strategy is email marketing, then there is no better platform than Mailchimp. It helps to easily design emails with built-in templates.

Mailchimp also lets you integrate its reporting with CRM and share different newsletters and marketing materials on social media. 

Additionally, Mailchimp also helps users to do accurate lead segmentation, manage customer subscriptions for promotional content and create custom forms to gather customer feedback. 

Benefits of Integrating CRM with Marketing Automation Software

Deliver Personalized Experiences

With CRM and marketing automation software integration, you can leverage your customer data to determine trends in customer behavior. The actionable insights can then be used to run personalized marketing campaigns resulting in an increased conversion rate. 

Optimize the Sales Cycle

Does your company find it difficult to retain customers? Perhaps, you need to look for ways to optimize your sales cycle to ensure that your customers are happy.

By integrating CRM with a marketing automation platform, you can easily optimize the sales cycle by giving your customers what they want at the right time. Moreover, with analytics and reporting in your CRM, you can have a proactive approach by making the marketing strategies more customer-centric. 

All Your Data in One Place

By leveraging the flexibility of SugarCRM, you can easily integrate it with third-party software. A big advantage of CRM and marketing automation software integration is that you will have a consolidated database. With this, your team wouldn’t have to juggle different software as all your data will be at one place to avoid data duplication.  

The Bottom Line!

CRM and marketing automation software integration will amplify the impact of your marketing efforts. It lets you run personalized marketing campaigns, strategize better and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


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