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By Robert Ulrich

Data analytics forms the kernel of successful modern business practices– without it, no business would be able to survive the intense competition and ever-evolving customer preferences that characterize today’s marketplace. Today many companies have to hire teams of business analysts to get a holistic vision for their business. They spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to get a good analysis of the market patterns. Others still do not have access to such resources and are left behind. 

SugarCRM provides you a perfect solution to this problem. It comes with an in-built data analytics solution that can be used to not only identify existing patterns but also generate reliable forecasts. This opportunity is a game-changer for most companies as they no longer have to think of data analytics as a cost and time-intensive venture. Bigger companies with dedicated business analysis teams can also benefit from Sugar’s data analytics by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams. In fact, suggestions by Sugar’s analytics can be used to optimize and customize workflows to leverage the highest possible productivity. 

We have been raving about Sugar’s data analytics. Now let us take a look at what it offers! 

Gather cutting-edge Business Intelligence

SugarCRM comes with excellent tools to collate important data. It not only organizes your data for you but goes a step further. With SugarCRM, you can harness the power of business analytics. Sugar creates intelligent and holistic reports based on the activities that were logged in your CRM. It makes use of BI tools to give insights into both your international operations and external service delivery. The platform comes up with innovative strategies and shortcuts to increase the efficiency and efficacy of your work processes. The changes suggested by SugarCRM are bound to drive your company’s productivity and profitability higher. 

Use Predictive Analytics to your Advantage

Use SugarCRM’s comprehensive predictive analytics to stay on top of your marketing plans. The predictive analytics provided by Sugar will give you a substantial idea of customer response to specific stimuli. Sugar is regarded as the best social media CRM and it is easy to run your predictive on social media platforms. In addition to these online tests, the analysis provided by Sugar would be based on the record of customers maintained in SugarCRM. These insights will enable you to successfully navigate the changing nature of customer preferences. But more importantly, you will be able to allocate your resources to the right products and services. Successful allocation will ensure that your company will leverage maximum growth in a short time. 

Get holistic Customer Analysis 

SugarCRM can organize large volumes of data while also running a thorough analysis of all the customer touchpoints. The customer analysis would be performed on the interactions between you and your customers. This analysis is conducted on social media interaction, webpage traffic as well as queries via email and telephone calls.  You can increase the uptake of your content and services by making use of the customer analysis provided by Sugar. Since your teams would already be familiar with the expectations of your clients, you can create creative and dynamic marketing campaigns that are tailored to the expectations and needs of your customer base. Sugar customizations can ensure that your data can be performed effectively across modules. 

Trustworthy Business Forecasts 

Accurate forecasting enhances the performance and profitability of businesses. Most aspire to achieve this objective by spending exorbitant amounts of money and extended periods. Sugar will make this process easy and flawless for your company. It gives predictions and forecasts for each team member from a single sheet. Assigning the perfect quote, analyzing the performance of individual team members, and gaining the right insights about each customer is no longer a cumbersome task. Sugar not only automates the process of generating forecasts but synchronizes the information across departments so that your plans are consistent and more effective. The forecasts are available to both the sales representatives and the managers. Managers and team members can prioritize and shift focus on more important leads and marketing efforts. Your business can learn a lot from patterns identified by Sugar and can avoid being bogged down by efforts that would not yield the required results. 

Take Action! 

Change the dynamic of your business by moving to Sugar today. The opportunity to perform comprehensive and thorough data analytics through Sugar only makes Sugar an even more lucrative option. Sugar comes with a bunch of exciting CRM features and is regarded as one of the best small business CRM. You can ensure that your SugarCRM is perfectly tailored to the needs of your company by implementing an array of customizations, integrations or simply adding PlugIns. If you are new to Sugar and want to adopt the CRM or if you are looking to migrate to Sugar, you have nothing to worry about. Reach out to us today! We would be happy to provide a free Business Analysis and facilitate your journey toward a more efficient and profitable business.


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