Best CRM for Small Financial Services Firms: Top 9 Benefits

By Robert Ulrich

The financial services industry is growing and becoming fiercely competitive. The clients demand personalized offers, unparalleled customer experience and end-to-end transparency in managing their investments. As a result, it has become more challenging than ever for advisors to manage different investment portfolios and meet the rising expectations of the clients. 

With the cut-throat competition in the financial industry, it’s imperative to differentiate your services with a laser-focus on customer experience. This is only possible by leveraging the best CRM for small financial services firms.

Let’s get started to learn more about the need for the best CRM for small financial services firms and the benefits of a Financial CRM. 

Bring All Stakeholders on a Single Platform

In the financial industry, a number of entities are involved. This means there should be no bottlenecks in communication across all channels and everyone should be on the same page. With a Financial Services CRM, you can bring all stakeholders including customers, advisors, dealers, financial intermediaries and potential investors together on a unified platform.

Maintain Investor Records

Seamlessly maintain all client records to access the required information at the right time. You can maintain a complete portfolio of a client with data regarding their personal information, total investments, assets, liabilities, return on investments and advisor allocated to the client.  

Engage Prospective Investors

For your business to grow, it’s important to keep track of all marketing activities and streamline the sales management process. For this purpose, simply leverage the leads module in the CRM software for financial services and get a holistic view of the prospective investor’s preferences, their meetings with the advisors, current offers and proposals.

Improve Communication with the Clients

To build trust and have happy clients, you need to streamline communication with them and give a quick response to all their queries. By leveraging Financial Services CRM, firms can ensure that the investors are engaged and provide offers that are according to their preferences to make customers for life.

Leverage Marketing Automation

Hit the ground running via CRM integration with marketing automation platforms and reach out to your target market with personalized offers to create meaningful customer relationships. You can also keep track of your marketing activities to maximize the ROI on marketing investment and make data-driven decisions.

Interactive Reporting and Detailed Dashboards

Through robust reporting in the CRM for the wealth management industry, your financial services platform can make effective strategies with the help of data and numbers. This will reduce the risk of managing business and give you a 360-degree view of how your business is performing and what needs to be improved. Additionally, you can leverage filtering options in the CRM software to better understand the data and derive insights about the financial ecosystem.

Improve Team Collaboration and Boost Productivity

Stay on top of your day with the best CRM for financial services to improve collaboration among teams and focus on serving the clients. It will help manage your pipelines and keep track of all important tasks with an intelligent approach. Your team will have access to all the important information regarding a client such as investments, return on investment and meetings so they can quickly access it and boost productivity. 

Integrate with Third-Party Software

Drive efficiency in business performance through CRM integration with other third-party software by performing all your business functions from within a single platform. This will allow users to easily synchronize data between multiple platforms and get a complete view of all clients, financials, tasks, and activities. 

Customize the CRM to Mirror Your Business

Make the most of your CRM by leveraging the best CRM customization services in London. At RT Labs, we ensure that your CRM not only drives efficiency in your business processes but also fits your business needs. Equipped with the right tools, RT Labs will help your company in staying ahead of the curve with the best CRM for small financial services firms. Having different modules for leads, accounts, investors, meetings, activities, etc, the Financial Services CRM will unlock the true potential in your financial services firm and give you a competitive edge. 

What Makes SugarCRM the Best CRM for Small Financial Services Firms?

SugarCRM lets users optimize financial management and deliver exceptional service to clients with the best CRM for small financial services firms. With an intuitive user interface, SugarCRM will boost the productivity of your team, maximize the return on marketing efforts and streamline all tasks and activities to skyrocket the growth of your financial services firm. So, what is stopping you from revolutionizing your financial services firm? 

RT Labs, being an Official SugarCRM Partner firm, is an expert provider of services including SugarCRM Migration, Integration, Customization, and Support. Contact Us now by filling out the Contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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