Why Has AWS Taken The World By Storm: 10 AWS Benefits

By Robert Ulrich

Amazon Web Services (AWS)  benefits are taking the world by storm. It is one of the most comprehensive cloud platforms. It has been broadly adopted and offers over two hundred fully-featured services from data centers around the world. Fully established government organizations to fast-growing startups have adopted AWS. This is because the low cost, agility, and innovation attract all markets. 

Why Use AWS 

AWS is powerful and flexible, enabling technology-based businesses to approach the market with low investment and many benefits. The AWS Savings Plans is a flexible pricing model. It is scalable to the organization’s IT infrastructure.  The AWS Savings Plans adds an extra touch of utility for any organization.  There are many advantages that the software extends to organizations of small, medium, and large sizes. You can read a small guide on AWS as well as analyze the benefits discussed below. 

Benefits of AWS Cloud Computing 

Scalability and Flexibility 

In contrast to traditional data centers, AWS offers unlimited flexibility and scalability. On-demand scaling is easily available through the use of the cloud automation tool. It saves organizations the hassle of planning an infrastructure roadmap and potential failure. It takes away the guesswork or scientific analysis. 

Autoscaling can be leveraged to build a self-managing infrastructure. This will align the infrastructure closer to the actual need based on the utilization of resources.


There are many misconceptions regarding the lack of security in a public cloud. However, AWS uses high-tech security tools that are unavailable in other cheaper alternatives in the market. These tools can be directly implemented into the organization’s IT environment. After the implementation of these tools, the data is secure. 

Here are a few highlights of the AWS security benefits physically and over the internet:

  • 24/7 trained security guards are present at data centers 
  • Access is strictly authorized on a least privileged basis 
  • Resilient in the face of failure modes (natural disasters or system failures) because of multiple geographic locations and Availability Zones 
  • Can configure built-in firewall rules from completely public to completely private 
  • Leverage Identity and Access Management and CloudTrail to track activities by other users 

Global Availability

One of the advantages of AWS is that it has the highest network availability of any cloud provider. Amazon is globally present in 25 geographic regions and 81 availability zones. This has made it possible for a US-based organization to cater to a client located in  India with the help of Amazon. 

Each region has been fully isolated and comprises several Availability Zones. To achieve better availability and isolate any further issues, you can partition applications across multiple AZs in the same region. 

Say Goodbye to Negotiations 

Even if an organization has negotiation skills, they do not want to waste time and energy on doing so. The advantages of  AWS focus extensively on reducing infrastructure costs for its customers. Organizations are free from excessive expenditures on software and hardware because of the benefits of AWS cloud computing services. There is no need for a physical data center, hence reducing operational costs.

AWS has not only reduced its pricing but has also introduced the concept of Savings Plans. It is a flexible pricing model that offers low prices in exchange for a specific usage commitment for a one or three-year period. This rids the customers of their inhibitions regarding home much does AWS cost and brings forth the good omen of AWS’s cost-friendly benefits. 

Zero CapEx

It is a common misconception that AWS or other cloud-based solutions are only for the rich. One of the advantages of AWS, however, is that it is a playing field leveler. AWS benefits startups to leverage high-end technologies with zero CapEx. In contrast, other cloud computing platforms in the market require high upfront licensing fees. 


Procuring a server takes time; between several hours to 8 to 10 days. This depends on whether the infrastructure is on-premise, co-located, or is associated with a hosting provider. Procuring a software license needs a similar time. 

AWS on the other hand enables you to launch new servers within a few minutes. It does not require the purchase of a separate license for many operating systems and software. 

Application Programming Interface (API) 

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are available in a variety of programming languages. This enables an organization to manage its infrastructure programmatically. This may include launching a new instance or taking backups. APIs are even more powerful than the AWS Management Console. 

AWS Certified Benefits 

Using AWS provides multiple benefits, but being AWS Certified provides many store benefits. AWS certification can help you validate your technical skills and advance your expertise. 

Once your AWS certification is complete, you will be able to avail many perks. The different benefits include: 

  • Digital Badges 
  • Exam Discounts 
  • Event Recognition 
  • AWS Certified Store Benefits

These perks will help you show off your achievements and simultaneously keep learning more. 

Benefits of AWS Sponsorship 

The AWS sponsorship program has given many benefits to AWS partners for over 10 years. The program enables partners, customers, and brands to grow their businesses. The benefits of the AWS sponsorship program are countless. These value-rich AWS  benefits include broad networking opportunities and brand awareness. Other benefits include thought leadership and turnkey booths as part of the AWS sponsorship. 

AWS Makes Use of Cases 

AWS benefits companies of any scale or industry the opportunity to build sophisticated applications. These applications can range from hyper-scale web applications to big data analytical applications. Common cases used by AWS are as follows: 

Storage and Backup 

Amazon provides cloud storage services that are very useful for businesses and are easily accessible. Critical data can be used to store critical data. Multiple types of storage are present that give businesses the ability to make their own decisions based on their needs. 

Enterprise IT 

Sometimes Enterprise IT can be very slow. The slow running of an operation can be accounted for by server implementation, time-consuming procurement, and other such factors. Amazon Cloud Services have the best solution for these nuisances. 

AWS gives businesses the autonomy to develop, test, and run secondary operations in the cloud. This allows them to launch projects at a much faster pace. 

Mobile, Web, and Social Applications 

AWS facilitates the launch and scaling of applications, which no other cloud service provider does. These applications especially include mobile applications, e-commerce applications, and SaaS applications. 

Big Data 

Through AWS’s scalable storage, it can run analytics at higher frequencies. The storage does not require much effort to be indexed. AWS and Big Data collaborate to provide the infrastructure and the power needed to cater to the requirements of high-end intelligent software. 

Best in Class PaaS Offerings

AWS has introduced highly scalable managed services. These services are for database, caching, data warehousing, transcoding, storage, backup, infrastructure management, and application management. 

This decreases the time and effort that would be spent in the setup and management of the system. Hence, the go-to-market cycle for end consumers decreases. 

Some of the benefits of AWS cloud computing have all been highlighted above. If you are still skeptical about it whether the AWS benefits are useful to you or not, you should try checking out the following links:

  • AWS Free Tier– Avail the AWS benefits for free to start with 
  • AWS Activate Package– Especially recommended for startups to avail AWS benefits
  • AWS Jumpstart– In case you are new to the concept of cloud computing and want to avail benefits of AWS 


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