Amazon Personalize: Use Machine Learning to Make Recommendations

By Robert Ulrich

Amazon Personalize makes use of the expertise that AWS has in machine learning for yet another use. As the name suggests, Amazon Personalize has a lot of personalisation involved, using years of machine learning. 

What is Amazon Personalize Used for?

Using machine learning, it’s now possible to create applications that can deliver on a number of personalisation experiences. These include custom direct marketing, personalised product recommendations, and specific product de-ranking amongst others.

Amazon Personalize does not follow a static recommendation system that follows a fixed method. Instead, it uses machine learning models to fine-tune the deployment process and adjust itself according to which industry. That means you could be using this anywhere from the healthcare industry to retail.

With AWS, the entire infrastructure is managed by Amazon’s end, so you will not be relying on your own resources. There is no need for any additional investment on such things, you can simply pay as you go. The machine learning features will apply to data processing, feature identification, choosing the best algorithms, and other necessary optimisations. 

With efficient personalisation, you can show relevant content, personalised search result, and notifications to users who matter. When all of these work together you can increase user engagement and hence bring more value to your business. 

Achieve more with Amazon Personalize

Real-time Quality Recommendations

Machine learning algorithms can be used to make short work of recommendations, even without the presence of historical data. This makes it possible to allow complicated processes like creating recommendations for users, products, and other content. With Amazon Personalize’s machine learning, you can make recommendations to respond to factors that are constantly changing. You can now easily cater to the changing behaviours of users, preferences, specific needs, engagement rates, and conversion rates. 

Quick Recommendation Deployment

The implementation of Amazon Personalize is also very simplified. Using machine learning, it doesn’t rely on you to manually train the system in order to get recommendations properly. When your teams are not burdened with the customisation of your recommendation engine, they can be much more productive instead. The entire process will be automated as well as be more efficient, doing great for your business in the long run. 

Personalized Touchpoints

Amazon Personalize works its way into every step of the customer journey in terms of personalisation. It can be integrated quite simply into the third-party applications that are already present in your business. You can further personalise channels like SMS, email marketing platforms, your websites, and your cloud applications. This further cuts down the cost of everything needed to run Amazon Personalize, make use of the large AWS resources. Use large-scale recommendations on the best-suited cases to ensure that you gain more flexibility. With this, you can deliver personalised experiences on a larger scale than before, while making the process even simpler.

Security and Privacy

Data encryption is a mainstay in all AWS services so you can ensure that your data used is also safe. The machine learning model may use your data to create recommendations, it is not permitted to do anything else. No parties, including customers and Amazon itself, have any level of access available to them concerning your information. AWS Key Management service coupled with Amazon Personalize gives you more control over who exactly has access, even internally. 

This gives you the highest level of security possible. With select access internally and with no one else, you can rest assured that your data is protected.

A Summary

If you can choose to automate a normally time-consuming process, you should, it can do wonders for your business. Amazon Personalize takes the normal recommendation processes and replaces them with machine learning to do it instead. Such a simple implementation, but that is all it takes to make the process both inexpensive and efficient.

Get Amazon Personalize now and use machine learning going forward!


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