A look at Salesforce Lightning Platform

By Robert Ulrich

Salesforce is an all-in-one cloud-based CRM solution. As a premier CRM solution, it comes with incisive business insights and impressive architecture. Salesforce Cloud offers a host of solutions to its users in all business domains including sales, marketing, support, and analytics. It is a highly customizable CRM. In addition to the regular CRM services, Salesforce has been able to integrate artificial intelligence over time. The use of artificial intelligence adds a new dimension to your CRM capabilities altogether. 


Salesforce Lightning is an innovative and more interactive version, designed for users looking for a more comprehensive CRM solution. Let’s take a quick look at what the Salesforce Lightning Platform has to offer. 

What is Salesforce Lightning? 

Salesforce Lightning is not a relatively new platform. It was officially inaugurated in 2016. Not only is Salesforce Lightning a new and improved version of Salesforce Classic but it brings with itself a range of new features and capabilities. The out-of-box features and easy-to-use drop-down menus will immediately increase the efficiency of work processes. The user interface offered by Salesforce Einstein is extremely interactive and will lead to higher customer satisfaction. 

Key Features

The features offered by Salesforce Lightning not only give you a holistic view of your day-to-day business activities but also open a world of new opportunities and engagements. Here we are going to give you a quick overview of all the new features offered by Salesforce Lightning. These features were not present in Salesforce Classic.


1- Important indicators, charts, and news are now readily available for you. In addition to these stats, you can keep track of your performance and important closings.


2- Salesforce lightning gives you a step-by-step overview of your activity timeline. You can easily automate several account fields whilst ensuring that your reference page layout is perfectly synced with the rest of your system. 


3- Salesforce Lightning has come up with an amazing and dynamic workspace page layout. This page directs to important departments and increases cross-departmental collaboration.


4-  You can now enjoy Kaban View in Salesforce Lightning. Kaban view is not just visually appealing but also provides a 360-degree view of your business processes and important projects.


5-  The best feature of Salesforce Lightning is the introduction of Salesforce Einstein. It is a powerful artificial intelligence tool that will not only enhance your capabilities tremendously but also ensure a great advantage over your competitors.  

Benefits of Salesforce Lightning

The benefits leveraged by Salesforce Lightning are immense. We are listing the top five ones for you. 


1-  First thing first, Salesforce’s marketing is premised on the extraordinary opportunities offered by Salesforce Einstein. It is an innovative solution that is powered by machine learning and natural language processing. Through Salesforce Einstein you can take predictive analytics to a new level. It works in the background- observing and processing your CRM data- and in turn, offers effective recommendations to your Sales and Marketing teams. It is fully calibrated to perform a holistic analysis of your client expectations. You would always be one step ahead of your customers with Salesforce Einstein. 


2- Another important outcome of using Salesforce Lightning is effective Sales automation. Kaban view and Sales channels ensure that sales are going to be a breeze for your company. Sales Path comes with the skills of an in-built coach. It analyzes pipeline leads and comes up with effective sales strategies. When complemented with the Kaban View, your Sales representatives would have a comprehensive understanding of pipeline projects. They can make decisions and execute strategies in real-time. 


3- You can use Salesforce Lightning to integrate applications in your CRM at a pace that was previously unknown to CRM users. This paves the path for a smooth and highly customized SalesforceCRM experience for your company. You no longer have to rely on developing your company-specific applications. You can easily pick up components from the Salesforce library which is stocked with over 300 components and 500 applications.  


4- Salesforce Lightning is ready for mobile users. The user interface for mobile is designed in a way that you would scarcely feel a difference between your desktop and mobile. This gives you added functionality. Now you can manage your business on the go. The mobile application will further drive your productivity exponentially higher! 


5-  The combined effect of all of these features is a definite spike in your company’s productivity. You can now easily manage to close more deals and deliver seamless customer service in less time with Salesforce Service Cloud. Salesforce Lightning prevents data duplication, automatically updates sheets and logs, while also giving your automated insights. Similarly, it streamlines the chatter within your teams to ensure tasks are completed at a higher pace and nothing gets lost in the noise. 

Bottom Line! 

Salesforce is a premiere CRM platform that comes with excellent cloud services, especially in Salesforce lightning. Your business is going to grow in leaps and bounds with Salesforce Lightning. It is easy to add integrations to your SalesforceCRM to tailor it to the unique needs of your company. In this same vein, Salesforce is an excellent CRM option for Industry verticals. It is a highly scalable and efficient CRM option. You can leverage our services today to gain maximum business advantage through Salesforce Lightning Platform


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