8 Most Popular Salesforce Integrations of all Time

By Robert Ulrich

CRM integrations can boost the potential of your business tremendously. While these integrations are relatively easy to avail, they can completely alter the way your business is managed and promoted. In fact, the opportunities offered by the addition of new applications will augment the capacity of your business to provide customer service, manage and analyse data, organize meetings with stakeholders among other things. 


Furthermore, a 360-degree vision of your business, which can only be accessed through such integrations, will improve your decision-making prospects. The analytics provided by these applications can greatly ease and benefit the process through which decisions are made. As a result, Salesforce integrations are popular across the business because of the multiple benefits that can be yielded from the addition of new applications.


Let’s discuss some of the most popular Salesforce integrations of all time to give you an insight into the ways in which your business can profit from integrations with third-party software.


Accounting Applications

Accounting applications are some of the most widely used applications in the business world. The benefits of such applications are many. They prevent the creation of duplicate data logs, thus ensuring that your data is well protected and clean. Furthermore, they enable firms to synchronize sales data with accounting data. This reduces the hassle of copying data across different interfaces. Simultaneously, it decreases the chances of human error.  The productivity of businesses tends to increase following the addition of such applications. Quickbooks is one of the more popular software used by leading firms to integrate their CRM platforms.


Payment Gateways 

Most companies struggle with managing payments, inventories, and logs. Payment gateways allow users to offer easy payment solutions to their clients so that clients preferring certain payment solutions get to use their gateway of preference, or ease. Ranging from integrating applications like PayPal, Stipe, Convio, and much more, users can incorporate every possible payment option and increase their efficiency.


Marketing Automation 

Marketing requires a lot of human labor. However, the integration of marketing automation softwares can reduce the burden on your employees. Such softwares are adept at consolidating mailing lists, personalizing campaigns and tracking communication over email. An example of marketing automation software for email is MailChimp. Salesforce integration with Marketo is another example of a combination that is well-known for its ability to make marketing easy for firms. 


Integration of Social Media and Communication Platforms

Communication platforms like Zoom, Skype among others can now easily be added to your Salesforce. These platforms ensure that the company’s meeting schedule is never out of order. In fact, it makes sure that communication across multiple platforms is smooth. Similarly, Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be linked with Salesforce. The process is beneficial for marketing campaigns and assists in outreach as well. Social media platforms are one of the best ways to get into direct contact with prospective clients and generate leads. They also form a great resource when it comes to collecting client information.


E-Commerce Platforms

E-commerce platforms increase the speed of your business by ensuring that all of your products and services are readily available online. The integration with Salesforce links your online stores and allows you to analyze customer behavior and understand the market trends. Platforms like Magento provide e-commerce solutions to diverse businesses. Incorporating eCommerce platforms with CRM is one way to ensure that all inventory, customer data, sales history and marketing campaigns are consolidated in one place for all business employees to refer to.


Advanced Customer Service Softwares

Many advanced customer service softwares can completely alter the way in which your business deals with the clients. FedEx for example can improve and ensure that shipment, on-delivery invoicing and the communication required during the process is seamless and efficient. Similarly, the integration of softwares like LiveChat ensures that your clients have direct access to the company. Such initiatives are known to have increased customer satisfaction. Chat scripts can be shared with the Sales reps for the smooth running of the system.


Integration with bug tracking and issue tracking software

Bugs and viruses are a common issue faced by many firms. The fallout of a breach can have a damaging effect on the business. The integration of such softwares can not only protect your data but also increase transparency in the business, thus boosting customer satisfaction. Jira is widely coveted for such purposes.


Integration with Electronic Agreement Applications 

In the world of e-business, companies are increasingly looking for ways to manage quick decision-making online when it comes to deals and agreements. Softwares like Docusign can easily be integrated with Salesforce. This will provide a safe environment where you can sign and share contracts and agreements from anywhere around the world. This will help you close deals at a faster pace. You can now negotiate and finalize deals without travelling extensively. 


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In summary, all popular Salesforce integrations are geared towards upgrading your experience of running your company.  Not only that, but it also improves the quality of service you provide to your customers. RT Labs offers its users with the best Salesforce Integration services out there. Our team of certified experts is available to assist you!


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